What Our Students Say

We are in the industry of storytelling, and the Raindance MA will — perhaps for the first time — inspire you to consider what you want your own personal story to be. Whether you know it going into the course, or could benefit from the guidance, encouragement, and prompting questions of our thoughtful and present module leader.

Louise Salter

Many people will advise that the best film school is on-set experience. This program ensures you can get that while also being supported academically and professionally in researching your negotiated program. People taking this course include emerging filmmakers and people with decades of experience. Refining and renegotiating your program to accommodate what you have learned is expected (ie: not a hassle)

Mike Milton

The Raindance community is filled with talented, generous, encouraging, and genuinely kind people. I hope to remain a “Raindancer” for the rest of my film career, whatever shape that takes.

Craig Maddux

The Raindance Educational programme has helped me develop my knowledge and understanding of filmmaking. Going to the evening classes during the course was incredible, as I got to network with other talented filmmakers and learn from the experienced professionals in the industry.

Laura Gregory

I thought I would never be writing a script…I have now wrote three and produced a short film.

Simon Marett

The Raindance HND has been eye opening!

Martin Kentish

I thought the Four Week Intensive course was fantastic. It was a lot of information but packaged and put together so well, with both practical and lectured aspects of learning. The passion from the teachers was brilliant and so inspirational to all of us on the course.

Stefano Campodifiori

In regards to the Meisner workshop, Myles delivered a perfect blend of theory and practice: Starting each session with a
brief overview of theory, and, as the course progressed over the week, with a recap on the previous day’s session; we then plunged straight into the practice exercises.

Myles is a warm, and engaging tutor, and skilled in developing rapport with his students to create a relaxed learning environment. As an experienced, professional actor, he has both first-hand knowledge, and a deep understanding, of the challenges, and anxieties, which actors face when preparing for a role.

He handles questions – and challenges – with ease, with patience, and with humour. Myles leads by example, demonstrating those key points which he wants to convey, or which require reinforcement.

Tal Profs