The Raindance Experience


The spirit of independent film is all about blazing a new trail. To do that, everyone involved in the process of making a film must be willing to let go of how things “should be” and dream big about what they could be. Your experience as a Raindance Film School student will be one full of innovation, self-designed and supported the whole way.

As a school, we’re committed to treating all of our students as individual artists, under a common idea of fairness, equality and integrity. We pride ourselves on providing an atmosphere of respect and positivity, and expect that everyone contributes to not just refining their work but improving the school as a whole. Students are always invited to have a voice at the table when it comes to the school’s plans for expansion, ideas for events, and any other areas where their knowledge could be of service.

We also promote the equality of students and staff. We are comprised of all backgrounds, and the school provides an environment free from discrimination of any sort. See our policies for more information.


An international, cross-border experience unlike any other


With hubs in dynamic, creative cities like London, Dubai, and more, Raindance provides a host of networking opportunities that connect you with the right people. Working with people from around the world, you’ll gain an expansive, constantly stimulating experience that will nurture your artistic talent and reinforce them with industry-leading technique.


As a Raindance student, you get a strong connection to the Raindance Film Festival, and its pretty successful offspring, the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA). In addition to your access to these prominent events on the international film calendar, you also get to learn from the best during exclusive premieres, Q&As and more. 


Follow Raindance on YouTube for engaging talks on craft, experience, analysis, and much more. 




“Raindance is one of those really exciting festivals… The way you nurture & develop talent, you’re really passionate about bringing people up.“

Sally Hawkins