MA Student Screening Room

Welcome to the screening room! Enjoy the work of some of our recent MA students. 


Directed by: Nicolo Riboni

Thomas is dragged inside a mirror by his Doppelganger, who wants to swap places and live in the real world.


Directed by: Peter Stead

A collection of Sean’s last recordings as he tries, increasingly desperately, to prove that his apartment is not haunted.


Directed by: Leanne Bailham 

After overhearing her mother on the phone, Mei has to choose whether to open up or keep her struggles behind closed doors



Episode 1: Misadventure

Directed by: Nick Kofi

Produced and created by: Tam Paul-Worika

Dee (Laura Njoku), a recent ex-offender, suspects foul play after her younger brother Arinze (Matthew Moore) dies in an accidental fall. Part 1 of 6.