HND Student Screening Room

Welcome to the screening room! Enjoy the work of some of our recent HND students. 

Two Girls

Directed by: Isabella Johnston

The war has started, all the girls have to go away, when Aneta meets Mia a new found friendship is here to stay.


Directed by: Ilaria Schaeren

A middle-aged woman must obey a man in order to see her daughter.

One Night Stand

Directed by: Felix Sutton

A man who struggles to find a lighter for his cigarette ends up resorting to extreme solutions.

Life Sentences

Directed by: Bridget Muir (under her director name Anderson)

A man is washed up on the shore of a lonely planet and gradually begins to awaken to the sensuality of nature and in turn his own strength and curiosity enabling him to enter the dark shadow of the forest where he discovers deeper, more powerful aspects within himself.

The Power of Max

Directed by: Josh Farrell

During a raucous party, Max must overcome his nerves and ignore the negative thoughts clouding his mind if he is to speak with the girl of his dreams.


Directed by: Ana Mari Müther

Sophie came to London Dreaming of an independent life away from her family. But life isn’t so easy.

The Bootstrap Paradox

Directed by: Laura Gregory

A mysterious package arrives, sender unknown. The recipient is forced into reliving the same events over and over again, with no memory or prior knowledge of the events that led him there. But things have a habit of repeating themselves.


Directed by: Hamed Torabi

A man getting home from a long day’s work finds it difficult to relax due to the sound of loud music coming from his daughter’s room. Annoyed by the sound, he turns on the TV and starts a sonic fight.


Directed by: Orlando Bryant Jr

A self-righteous husband risks his family’s safety as he goes to confront a dangerous drug dealer who is plaguing the council estate with drugs.


Directed by: Simon Marett

Two career criminals are left shaken in a safehouse after a prison breakout goes wrong. Who can they trust?

Sharp Bend

Durected by Santiago Llerenas F.

Bruno is in Mexico City, shot on money and with a girlfriend who wants him to return to Argentina. He takes a dramatic step that decides his fate.

Seeing Sounds

Directed by: Asaturrs Keim

Richard is a mute armed with a dictaphone, hundreds of audio books and an eagerness to edit together the two-way conversations that he’d love to have with the woman he quietly pines for


Direted by: Chessie Lamb

A man working in Rossetti studios has an internal struggle as he tries and fails to paint.

This is Not a Drill

Directed by: Jonathon Souster

A young couple’s quiet night in is shattered by terrifying news. All they have left is each other, as they fight their fear and contemplate their very existence.


Directed by: Sam Ofori-Attah

A personable but average artist strives to become famous, but reaches her goal faster than she can cope. A short mockumentary about fame, and a gimmick becoming an art form and than an entire movement.


Directed by: Priscila Carvalho Vailones

A glimpse into the life of a young sex worker and her regular clients, and how people are quick to offer their judgement and opinions, focusing only on the role of the prostitute in prostitution.