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Raindance Film School’s postgraduate courses are industry-facing programmes, with the clear goals to help you develop a portfolio of work, and strengthen your creative and professional voice.

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Our postgraduate programmes follow the same collaborative approach found in our undergraduate programme. MA students are often working professionals, looking to transition permanently into the film and television industries, or fulfill a single dream of making films. These situations and more bring a diverse array of students who create a special and thriving community of filmmakers.


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MA in Filmmaking

The MA in Filmmaking with Raindance is unlike any other postgraduate filmmaking programme in the world. This innovative, negotiated learning, degree enables you to set your own goals, develop your own learning activities, and benefit from the expertise of our award-winning team of industry mentors, to develop your creative and professional voice.

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MA in Screenwriting

The MA in Screenwriting with Raindance will give you the understanding of the craft skills and awareness of the industry that are necessary to sustain a successful screenwriting During this programme, you will develop a portfolio of work, and you will acquire a range of competencies to enable you to navigate the ever-evolving film and TV landscape. 

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The Raindance MA in Filmmaking is like a dream factory and the hits just keep on coming!

Miles Crossman

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Schedule and course contents
Both the MA in Filmmaking and the MA in Screenwriting will train you on how to navigate the film and TV industry as a filmmaker. You will learn how to self-market, network, pitch, and develop agile ideas that respond to changing industry tastes and standards.

MA Frequently Asked Questions

All our MA programmes are two-year, part-time courses: this will enable you to not only embed your studies in your life around your existing commitments, but it will also give you the time to grow as a creative, make industry connections, and harness all the creative and professional opportunities that will arise in the Raindance Film School.

Our programmes are delivered on our London campus (MA in Filmmaking, MA in Screwwnriting), or via distance learning (MA in Filmmaking only).

Course structure and hours

Both the MA in Filmmaking and the MA in Screenwriting are part-time courses, delivered over 24 months.

The requirement for part-time students is a commitment of 20 hours per week to your studies. This will include contact hours spent in the classroom, in workshops, Raindance open classes, and individual tutorial time. This will also include independent study time spent in research, homework, writing, etc…

Both programmes contain six modules, culminating in a major project intended to be the representation of all your learning throughout your studies, as well as a significant showcase of your professional work, which you should be able to use as a calling card into the industry.

How much does it cost?
  • MA in Filmmaking: £11,950 (including £500 application deposit)
  • MA in Screenwriting: £11,000 (with an additional £50 application fee)
How To Apply

All our postgraduate programmes will require the following steps for the application process:

  1. Filling out an application form,
  2. Payment of a deposit (MA in Filmmaking) or application fee (MA in Screenwriting).
  3. Submission of supporting documents (full list on individual programme application pages)
  4. An application interview.

The deadlines to apply are specified on the individual programme pages.

Are there English language requirements?

If your previous qualifications were earned outside of the United Kingdom, and/or in a language that is not English, you will be required to submit evidence of an English-language test, ideally the IELTS Academic, with a minimum of 6.0 overall, and a minimum of 6.0 in reading and writing.

    Career opportunities

    Raindance’s MA in Filmmaking or MA in Screenwriting empower students, giving you the tools you need to be successful in the film industry. The practical skills developed over the course of the your studies are applicable in a wide range of careers related to visual arts and media — for example, film and TV production, screenwriting, film programming, distribution, film design, arts management, teaching and post-production.

    Graduates include: