Pearson BTEC International Level 2 Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting)

The Raindance Youth Filmmaker’s Academy is a unique after-school club designed for secondary school students who aspire to become filmmakers, animators, or Screenwriters. What makes our programme stand out is that after completing individual courses over flexible times, our learners will be able to achieve an internationally recognised BTEC International Level 2 Diploma in Creative Media Production, equivalent to up to 4 iGCSEs.

Students can choose from 4 stand-alone courses, as follows:

  • Acting Skills and Techniques
  • The Development of Drama
  • Performing Scripted Plays
  • Devising Plays

Each course is delivered one day per week, from 4pm – 6pm, over 12 weeks and students can choose up to two courses at any one time. After completing the courses, our learners can achieve the following qualifications:

Pearson BTEC International Level 2 Certificate in Performing Arts (Acting) 

This certificate is comprised of the following course:

  • Acting Skills and Techniques.

Pearson BTEC International Level 2 Extended Certificate in Performing Arts (Acting)

After completing the Level 2 Certificate, learners can progress to achieve the Level 2 Extended Certificate by completing one additional course from the following:

  • The Development of Drama
  • Performing Scripted Plays
  • Devising Plays 

TPearson BTEC International Level 2 Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting)

Upon successfully completing all four courses, learners will achieve the full BTEC International Level 2 Diploma.

Course Content

The adventure begins with an amazing selection of courses that navigate everything from storytelling to movement, and much more.

The Four Modules

Acting Skills and Techniques
Course Details
Develop specific acting techniques. Skills acquired throughout this course are vital to developing learner’s confidence and understanding of the role of the actor. Gain knowledge of a range of career opportunities with a view to their own professional development within the performing arts industry.

What will you learn?
Learners will have the opportunity to become familiar with the role of the actor and practice some of the essential technical and interpretative skills fundamental to the art of acting. Vocal and movement skills will be developed and responses to text and characterization will be explored in class, in rehearsal and in performance.

Course outline:
Vocal, Movement skills.
Perform in an acting role.
Career and progression opportunities.
Design and monitor a professional development plan.


The Development of Drama
Course Details
Develop learners’ knowledge of the social and historical context of drama and to help them develop and rehearse performance work. Develop learners’ understanding of the essential processes required for staging a performance, including all technical and administrative procedures. It also fosters an understanding of the need for teamwork and cooperation.

What will you learn?
Learners will look at the development of a range of different dramatic styles through practical workshops, classes, independent research and presentations. Learners will have the opportunity to develop their skills through the creation of a piece of drama.

Course outline:
Structures and characteristics of drama.
Processes of creating dramatic work.
Developmental process for a performing arts product
Planning and preparation process in the creation of a performing arts product.


Devising Plays
Course Details
Give learners the knowledge and skills for them to be able to create plays using a variety of devising techniques. This allows for the exploration of subject matter, themes, topics and issues that can be developed to create a unique piece of drama.

What will you learn?
Learners will develop skills to enable them to understand the structure of dramatic form, styles and techniques, through a range of devising techniques, and which learners can apply to a range of situations. The devising process is invaluable where a particular theme or topic is being explored.

Course outline:
Explore and develop material for a devised play
Forms and techniques of Drama.
Communicate ideas, issues and/or feelings.
Understand the effectiveness of devised work for performance.


Performing Scripted Plays
Course Details
Develop the skills required to interpret a role as written by a playwright. Learners will rehearse a role within a group and perform it before an audience. knowledge of employment opportunities within the performing arts industry and the jobs undertaken by those who work in it.

What will you learn?
Learner will know the skills needed by the actor to get him from page to stage, from initial understanding and textual analysis through character creation and development, rehearsal techniques and the exploration of text to the requirements for performance. Beyond the performance it is important to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the performance and draw conclusions in order to develop in acting roles.

Course outline:
Interpret a role taken from a play
Develop a role for performance through rehearsal
Take part in the performance of a play
Know different types of organizations in the performing arts industry.
Know job roles in the performing arts industry

Please contact us for information on how to apply: +52 56 2155 5784 or email mexico@raindance.ac.uk

Eligibility and Admissions Criteria
If you are aged between 14 – 16 you are eligible to apply for this course. There is no entry requirement

Fee Structure
Courses can be paid for individually or as part of a package; please consult the current fees with us

  • BTEC International Level 2 Certificate (one course) –
  • BTEC International Level 2 Extended Certificate (two courses) –
  • BTEC International Level 2 Diploma (four courses) –

Payments are due at the beginning of each course. 

Teaching and Assessment
Teaching and assessment are done through practical activities, encouraging students to reach their full potential intellectually and creatively. Each course will result in a film project that students can use as part of their professional portfolio.

Where Next?
After completing the Level 2 International Diploma, students can progress onto the Level 3 International Diploma. This is a full-time course that leads onto the HND/BA Hon’s degree programmes offered by Raindance.

To apply or for more information, please contact the school office at dubai@raindance.org to schedule a meeting with the academic team.