Student Life


Students at Raindance Film School will enjoy studying in Guadalajara city, this city is a hub of creativity and talent, with an active film community that provides an environment conducive to learning and collaboration.

Our geographical position is strategic, very close to Mexico City with air bridges to important cities such as CDMX, Los Angeles and routes to New York, Detroit, Vancouver, Madrid, and Atlanta, which is relevant because it is the largest airport on the continent and the one with the greatest connectivity, this allows flights to be scheduled to any part of the world.

Jalisco is the state with the highest agri-food production in Mexico and this is one of the causes of its abundant, varied and delicious gastronomy.

According to a classification by Time Out magazine, the neighbourhood “Americana” in Guadalajara has the beauty characteristics to be among the best in the world and in 2022 it was distinguished as The Coolest Neighborhood in the World.

The city hosts internationally recognized film festivals, giving students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of film from a global perspective.

Furthermore, and no less important, we are the birthplace of tequila, mariachi and charrería, symbols of Mexico in the world.

 And by the way… did we mention Guadalajara is where Guillermo Del Toro was born?

Guadalajra city is the place to be to start your filmmaking/acting career.

We open our doors in September 2024, offering new facilities and cutting-edge equipment, from cameras to lights, audio and editing suites.


School facilities

The school’s building is set in the heart of Guadalajara City, fully equipped for filming and acting exercises, with offices and classrooms, and even facilities and exchanges for film projects.


Other information

Practical information on student life, such as cost of living and accommodation, can be found in our Student Information section.