Student Life


Students at Raindance Film School will enjoy studying in Mexico’s second largest metropolitan area.  Guadalajara is an ancient city which combines the old with the new as it is also considered Mexico’s technology hub, with a young population and many universities and student facilities.  Guadalajara shares a rich culture, being the birthplace of classical mariachi music and of cultural images such as the Rodeos and Chareades.   If you are attracted to a smooth blend of the contemporary and the ancient, Guadalajara is the perfect Mexican student city to start your filmmaking/acting career.

We open our doors in January 2022, offering new facilities and cutting-edge equipment, from cameras to lights, audio and editing suites.


School facilities

The school is split up intothree buildings for filming and acting exercises.


Other information

Practical information on student life, such as cost of living and accommodation, can be found in our Student Information section.