Accommodation in London

Cost of Living

As of the 2020-2021 academic year, the estimated minimum cost of living for a student in London is GBP £1,200 per month .

These estimates include:

  • Living accommodations – Average price for a room in a flatshare is GBP £650. This price may or may not include bills (council tax, internet, water/electricity, etc.) Prices vary depending on city zone and proximity to public transport. Common websites for finding shared accommodation are SpareRoom, Zoopla, urbanest, Easy Roommate, Room Buddies, Gumtree. Some additional resources can be found on Study London and Unite Students.
  • Travel – Average price for a monthly travel card within London’s three central zones is GBP £180. Costs for London transport (tube, bus, etc.) vary depending on city zone. Please refer to the Transport for London website for latest fares and options. You may also be eligible for 18+ student discounts. More information here.
  • Food – Average price for weekly groceries is GBP £80. This varies according to where you shop, how often you cook, etc. This estimate does not include average restaurant prices for dining out.
  • Miscellaneous – resources not already provided by Raindance, personal hygiene and clothing, tech costs (phone, etc.), other materials.

Everyone’s requirements are unique, and you should also take into account any personal expenses for things like leisure, health and wellness, and travel outside London. Alongside your own research, you can always speak with one of our current students about their experiences or get advice from staff.