Raindance Core Values


We stand by our humble origins. We regard integrity and excellence as the ultimate goals. We will never be beholden to the herd mentality. We honour the very best of the cinematic tradition and embrace innovation.

Solution oriented

We celebrate out-of-the-box thinking. We search for, create and deliver solutions, not problems. We built our community from next-to-nothing so we never focus on what we do not have. Lack is a creative opportunity


To be here we have had to be consistent. We will always strive to be better and we take each step as a learning curve. We pledge to constantly improve and we will strive for greatness. Our achievements are measured by consistency.

Inclusive Debate

We champion the outsiders, the rebels, the dreamers, and the poets. We look for voices that ask all the hard questions, challenge every convention, and challenge authority when we need to.


We are a space to discover and to be discovered. Our global vision is to lead our filmmakers to audiences and our audiences to the very best voices of independent film. Since our birth in 1992 our tagline has been: Discover. Be discovered.

Hunger, tenacity and doggedness 

We fan the flames of independent film. We have built our movement on gut and fight. Determination and doggedness are our driving force. We bring films into existence. We champion independent films to new audiences. Passion is integral to our existence.


We will pledge to lead by example. We will show up ready to fight every day – for every student, for every festival filmmaker, every single one of our office team, our members and our festival audiences.

We will always be underdogs

Our underdog mentality has been a driving force behind our tireless pursuit of excellence.  We will always fight for the underdog. We always play like we are one goal down and minutes away from the final whistle.

Evolution, innovation and risk

Our biggest successes have come when we have rolled the dice. Risks are opportunities. When we play it safe, the results are safe. We will keep rolling the dice. The next big idea is already in the Raindance room.

Global Vision 

We embrace and create a global community. Our ten international hubs form the spine of the ecosystem that is Raindance. Our journey has just begun. As the world gets smaller and smaller our reach expands. Help us bring Raindance to your town, community,                                                 family or tribe.