Life after Raindance Film School is where the action really starts…


Congratulations, you’ve graduated from Raindance Film School! What next? The next phase in your career can begin in many ways. Meet with our founder, Elliot Grove, for a consultation on who you might approach for work or creative collaborations. We can also help by making you aware of various industry job placement and job search schemes and jobs that come through to the film school directly. These could get you in front of the right people at the right time.


We also have a solid relationship with creative agency, Just Runners, who are a stepping stone to getting your foot in the door for bigger productions such as high level commercials, charity films and sometimes high end TV production!


Happenstance, hard work, and consistent networking are always keys to new opportunities, so we always encourage our current and former students to keep building connections with people. Be authentic with and interested in the organisations you approach about potential work.

Alumni Network

As well as the Raindance Industry Committee, there are other benefits that Alumni have access to including a waiver code for one free entry to the Raindance Film Festival and Alumni Raindance Membership.

Some of our most notable alumni… 

Sasha Baron Cohen | Sadie Frost | Oscar-winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes | Nick Hornby | Christopher Nolan | Oscar-nominated producer Alison Owen | Guy Ritchie | Matthew Vaughn | Edgar Wright | David Yates | Tom Hooper | Russell Howard | Bonnie Wright | BAFTA-winning producer Charles Steel | Ken Marshall | Kirk Jones | BAFTA-winning producer Richard Holmes | BAFTA-nominated producer Philippa Braithwaite | Roland Gift | Arabella Cecil | Mark Ezra | Vadim Jean | Clive Bradley | Tom Skankland | Jake West | Gavin Hood | James Breese | Emily Lloyd | Ben Miller | Sean McConville | Paul Brooks