4 Week Summer School in Acting (leading towards entry to a Level 5 HND in Acting)

Go from zero to “Hero” in just 4 weeks with this intensive introductory course in acting for screen!

You will learn key concepts of acting such as Script and Scene Analysis, Practical Aesthetics, Improvisation, and Meisner. No prior acting experience is necessary, and you can progress onto our HND level 5 Diploma after successful completion (subject to approval*).

Fees: £1,995 inc. VAT

Myles delivered a perfect blend of theory and practice: Starting each session with a
brief overview of theory, and, as the course progressed over the week, with a recap on the previous
day’s session; we then plunged straight into the practice exercises.

Tal Profs - Meisner Masterclass Student

4-Week Summer School Frequently Asked Questions

This course is held at Raindance Film Centre, 10a Craven Street WC2N 5PE London.  Please contact us with any questions.

Fees: £1,995 inc. VAT

What days do I go in?

The course runs Monday to Friday from 10.30am – 5.30pm over 4 weeks (20 consecutive weekdays). The course runs from 22nd July until 16th August 2024.

What is the typical class size?
We aim to restrict the class size to 16 per group.  This allows us to run practical workshops and give all our students on-going hands-on support throughout their learning.
What will I study on the course?

Week 1 – Basic acting techniques
Take a tour through the main film acting techniques and learn which is the best technique for you. This course focuses on acting for camera techniques, including how to project a range of emotions that varies according to the shot size and microphone placement.

Week 2 – Casting and Auditioning techniques, working with directors.
You will study with our team of professionals how to create a successful auditioning technique. You will also learn how to work with film directors – and understand how they work in creating screen performances.

Week 3 – Acting in short film projects
There is no better way to learn how to act, than to actually act.
You will be cast in short films being written, directed and produced by your colleagues in the 4 Week Filmmaking Course. Learn for yourself what it is like to act under the rigours of an actual film shoot. Material created will also be available for your show reel. The finished films will also include our name in the credits.

Week 4 – Building a portfolio/Show reel
There is no point in studying for an acting career without a viable plan to get professional work. Learn how to put together a show reel and get yuorself seen by the film and TV industry.

Where next? Further studies

After completing the certificate, students will be sufficiently trained to start working on their own film & acting projects.
Upon successful completion and approval, students who wish to do further studies can progress onto the Raindance HND Level 5 Diploma in Acting & Filmmaking. Please note, you must be proficient in English and demonstrate the ability to study at level 5 to be considered for our HND programmes.  This will be assessed during the course.

Do I require a Visa?

Visitors from outside the EU can enrol on a short course of 30 days or less with a standard tourist visa while they are visiting the UK. Please contact us with any questions regarding visa requirements. 

Course Tutors

Myles Horgan is a London based independent filmmaker, writer, actor, and educator. He holds an MA in Actor Training and Coaching (RCSSD) a Dip in Theatre Practice (TCD) and is a Certified Teacher in the Sanford Meisner Technique (TAI). He is also a member of MICHA and the M.C (UK) Collective. He is a professional actor with over 25 years television, film, and theatre credits, with highlights that include, ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley ‘(Palme d’Or), ‘Paddy’ (Best Short Galway Film Festival), and ‘Custards Last Stand’ (Bafta).  


Ufuk Gky is an independent filmmaker & freelance videographer with over a decade of experience in creative visual production. He’s been actively involved in film education and have taught with institutes such as the New Film Academy, Al Jazeera, Istanbul Media Academy, London Film School, and more recently with the National Youth Film Academy.