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A professional, accredited film school with an independent spirit, Raindance has been teaching novice and experienced filmmakers alike since 1992. Our ethos is focused on independence, and our courses are designed for you to develop your skills your way, in your style.

Students of Raindance Film School enjoy mentor-based support, financial assistance, fantastic networking, and career-building opportunities to launch a career in film.

If you happen to become the Next Big Thing, great! (Don’t forget us when you’re famous.) If you want to get into the world of film simply for the love of it, even better!

Even if you aren’t looking for a career in the industry, filmmaking skills are transferrable to other areas, including budgeting, project management, artistic-development and much more.

You never know where your filmmaking journey will lead or what it will reveal about you. That’s what makes us so proud to offer an environment that will let you find out, and create some amazing work in the process!

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Being a student at Raindance means that you

design your degree according to your needs, schedule, and budget.


This is a full-time practical course for those who wish to pursue a career in the film industry such as screenwriting, directing, producing or cinematography.  The HND Level 5 Diploma is a vocational qualification that is equivalent to the first two years of a UK university degree.

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Many people will advise that the best film school is on-set experience. This program ensures you can get that while also being supported academically and professionally in researching your negotiated program.

Mike, Class of 2017


This is a full-time practical course for those who wish to pursue a career in acting for screen and/or filmmaking.  The HND Level 5 Diploma is a vocational qualification that is equivalent to the first two years of a UK university degree.

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Having come from a couple of years at a traditional film school, the program was a breath of creative and independent fresh air.

Craig, Class of 2017


This is a one year full-time University level course for those who wish to pursue a career in acting for screen and/or filmmaking.  This course requires the completion of our Level 5 HND programme (or equivalent). 

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Raindance is the perfect school for persons seeking to study in concert with other commitments, whether that be work, family or the inability to travel this distance education package allows you the freedom to choose your own adventure

Miles Crossman


This is a unique course designed to give our learners the opportunity to travel and  experience filmmaking or acting across 3 continents and achieve a full UK university degree at the end of the third year.  You will start your journey in Dubai where you will build a solid foundation in your chosen pathway.  In year two you will travel to Mexico where you will spend the next eight months to further develop your skills.  For your final year, you will return to London to join complete the BA Hon’s in Film and Performing Arts Practices. 

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We are in the industry of storytelling, and the Raindance course will — perhaps for the first time — inspire you to consider what you want your own personal story to be.

Louise Salter


This film degree is tailored to every student: you set your own goals, develop your own learning activities, and get the support that you need from our faculty.  This course is delivered online through our London campus.

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It was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. But the support I got from the Raindance MA means that I’m now a screenwriter. I’m now a filmmaker.

Natasha Moore


The MA in Screenwriting with Raindance will give you the understanding of the craft skills and awareness of the industry that are necessary to sustain a successful screenwriting During this programme, you will develop a portfolio of work, and you will acquire a range of competencies to enable you to navigate the ever-evolving film and TV landscape. 

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I met and retained network contacts with professionals of all levels in the industry during and through the course. I now have a resource of practitioners in the life cycle of filmmaking who are practically my virtual team.

C. Obi, United Kingdom


Take advantage of our renowned short courses, in everything from writing to acting, production to finance, and much more!

Raindance is a gateway to the world of independent film and filmmakers.

You’ll receive our revolutionary training in filmmaking and screenwriting from active professionals in the industry. 



Raindance brings you day, evening, and weekend courses to suit any schedule. It’s a beautiful thing when your goals and schedule line up!

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Whether you attend a short course or commit to a degree, your certification is validated by DeMontfort University.


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You get first-dibs at Raindance’s renowned courses and networking events before anyone else!


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Show off your hard work to the world!
You get the chance to screen your film at the Raindance Film Festival, complete with Q&A and after party.


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Schmooze with people in the know at our networking events for students to meet industry pros.


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Festival Entry
As a Raindance student, you and a guest receive free entry to the most exciting independent film festival in town! A £100 value.
Learn more about the Raindance Film Festival here.


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